Georgia Techgravitationemc2

PHYS 7125 GRAVITY Spring 2013


Pablo Laguna
plaguna [at] gatech [dot] edu
Phone: (404) 385-3907
Office: 1-63 Boggs
TR 13:35-14:55 
Howey S107
Office Hours:
MW 14:00-15:00 or by appointment

Course Description:

Mathematical description, physical concepts, and experimental tests of general relativity including an introduction to gravitational waves and cosmology


Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity by Sean Carroll (Addison Wesley 2004) ISBN-0-8053-8732-3


HOMEWORK: There will be FIVE homework assignments during the semester. Delays in the submission of homework sets will be penalized 0.2 points per day.

GRADES: The homework grades are computed on a 0-10 point scale. Each homework contributes with 20% to the total grade. The final letter grade is assigned using the following conversion: A = [10,8.5], B = [8.4,7.5], C = [7.4,6.5], D = [6.4,5.5], F = [5.5,0].

Honor Code:

The policy on academic integrity as stated in the GIT Honor Code will be fully enforced during this course.
In particular: (1) Collaboration during in-class activities is permitted and encouraged unless your instructor explicitly indicates otherwise. (2) Collaboration on homework assignments is permitted and encouraged unless your instructor explicitly indicates otherwise. Such collaboration should have the purpose of sharing an understanding of the principles and general solution techniques, not simply the sharing of answers. (3) Collaboration is NOT permitted during exams.

Violations of these rules will be prosecuted as violations of the GIT Honor Code. Note that the Honor Code formally defines academic dishonesty as …any act that does or could improperly distort student grades or other student academic records. If you should have any question regarding the propriety of a particular behavior, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with the instructor.